Thank you so much for stopping by …
Let me introduce myself ;
My name is Anai and I’m a Chicago based
artist , photographer and designer .
I graduated with honors from the prestige
Academy of Fine Arts in Europe .
It was an exquisite time spent surrounded
by art , fashion shows and great people .
The Academy was the fulfillment of my dream
as well as the accomplishment of my artistic path .
I’ve always loved taking pictures ,
but my passion for photography intensified
when my beloved children were born .
With them I started the most beautiful
adventure in my life …
Documenting their daily lives ,
how they grow , how they develop
elevated my photographic passion to the maximum .
And so , my Dear Customer ;
Now I’m documenting your wonderful moments
that will forever remain in your hearts …
Thank you very much for your trust
and for all those magical times spent with you
and your families & friends .